status updates

my truth can rarely be externalized in a mere one hundred and forty characters on a twitter post.  i %22penning%22am a woman of many words. many thoughts.  also, i find it difficult to distinguish what moment or what thought is “the” one worth sharing. i don’t quite know why.  i think that in one light, with a healthy self perspective and balanced view of one’s life, many happenings are actually worth sharing.  so in that sense, one can’t go wrong with what he/she shares.  but in another light, it seems that what one chooses to share is the very fabric that builds another’s perspective of who that person is and therefore, these posts and photos carry the inevitable weight of painting an accurate picture that the author intends to display.  it’s quite a vulnerable endeavor when pondered.  and yet now, i will paint this: what we all choose to share is valuable.  i will share with confidence. i will share knowing that regardless of the response, it mattered enough to me to share it and that is what matters.  in a sense, what we share really is an extension of ourselves, who we are and where we are… and our own journeys are irreplaceable, exposing and relevant to exactly what we should share and need to share right now.  with that, my truth tonight took form in writing a song, writing this blog, submitting poems to writing contests, pursuing potential purpose infused endeavors and posting this picture of the whole process on my instagram, so here you go… in the raw flesh of my creative space.  your turn now, post with pride.


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