new website updates!!!

hi to you all!!!

so i just added a worship page to my website.  this, as you will read (if you decide to click on the new page!) has been a part of my life for so long and i haven’t quite known how to approach it or incorporate it into my website but it became clear and i am so excited to share with you this part of my music, my passion, my heart.hope worship

life can be unpredictable and worship has been the most consistent, reliable, and amazing avenue straight to God through any and all of my life challenges!!! i am so thankful for the role it has in my life and excited to be more open and share with you more about my worship journey.  while worship itself is a medium in which to receive healing, for me, it was also an area in my life that needed much healing.  and ironically, i received that healing through worship.  God has a way of doing those kinds of things!!!

if you don’t have a chance to spend time on the new page, be sure to hear the latest “worship drift” video with the lovely autumn montgomery!!!


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