“my hazy story”

i had the honor of playing at molly malone’s in october after “the wrong women” performed.  typically, when i prepare for a show, i put together a set using my current hope @ mollymaterial and order my songs in a live-set friendly, logical way to start with the intention of attracting the audience, then rest with the crowd in some emotionally gripping songs and end the performance with a bang.  in this case, i sensed a specific prompting to begin something new.  i had, however, experienced such dramatic life-changing circumstances that forced me to approach every decision with new purpose, new mission & refreshed vision. so instead, i drew from my library of songs i had written over the last 10 years. while there have been many, i only selected songs that would tell one specific story line.  i created a chronological setlist of my own material to tell one truth in my life.  roughly, i chose one song per year since 2005.  to represent the blocks of time in which i suffered writer’s block, i chose cover songs that i had sung as therapy during those seasonshope hazy, as long as the lyrics stayed true to the integrity of the story. between the songs, i wrote a narrative to string it all together.  i performed this live-show that i call “my hazy story” for the first time that night at “molly malones.”  i felt so liberated by the experience, that i fine tuned the concept and put it up at “the sherry” in december for a few runs with the hope to record a full front to back version of the show.  again, these performances were liberating. hugging people at the end of the shows who claimed that my story was their story is what gives me reason to continue telling this story.  and this is why we have art.  to connect. to express. to relate to one another. to heal.  art is a medium that God uses when we yield what happens in our life to Him.  i get to share a shorter portion of it at genghis cohen next wednesday (feb 11), and again, i perform the full version at the voodoo lounge in the House of Blues on March 12.  i hope to have the opportunity to share with you the beautiful transformation that has taken place in my life at one of these shows!!!  to get a taste of “my hazy story,” watch the video below!  🙂



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