what if

my single, WHAT IF, is now available on iTunes-  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-if-single/id1180725115




what if i forget once again
these tools i had to gain
this season in life?
my woman ways
they tend to phase in
time and time again
i’m in these situations
wondering why didn’t i do
didn’t i do something different
to be myself amidst
his masculine charm and draw
it chills my jaw
with no words to say
no comebacks

just delay
to get me through
the burning moments of my day

but i can’t change anyone
gotta look at what i’ve done
cause i’m the only one who can be me
and i’ve got to live my calling
gotta stand up after falling
i’m the only one who can be me
the only only one

written by, hope hazy & Bryan Senti
Produced by, Bryan Senti
Additional production by, Eric Cross
Choir and strings and flute recorded at Igloo Studios, Burbank California Engineered by Justin Moshkevich
Mixed by John Hull at Hook & Line studios, Los Angeles California
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis, London England

Choir Singers-
Shunna Jones-Moreno
Autumn Montgomery
Ryann Lecklider
April Raecke
hope hazy




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